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What is the procedure with Scanhancer LEK mods in place?

A warning: in order to avoid confusion, do not read this information if you have not made (or intend to make) the Scanhancer LEK modifications. In that case simply stick with the Scanhancer 5LE, its manual and the other items in this FAQ.

Current recommendations for those who have made the LEK MODS (including Scanhancer IR strip) are:

- slides and color negatives: start without Scanhancer 5LE. Closely examine your scans and in case you see ICE artifacts, unwanted grain roughness or bad tonality smoothing, scan with 5LE added. (Velvia is the film that sometimes still gives problems. Most others are just fine with ICE now.)

- B&W silverbased negatives: start with Scanhancer 5LE. ONLY if you find undesired density differentiations (like in very even areas), scan without 5LE.

- Kodachrome: if you want to use ICE you have to use Scanhancer 5LE. If you want to scan without ICE you can leave out the 5LE at first and see how it goes, just like with other transparency films.

When you are profiling you have to make profiles for use with and without 5LE. Try to be methodical (especially in your naming convention), because otherwise you will lose grip in no time.