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The Scanhancer 5LE is shipped in six different fashions:

(Please note that all these models are for the Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro only!)

1. Scanhancer 5LE BASIC SET (one medium format piece (for glass holders only!) & one single frame 35mm piece):

Scanhancer single 35mm Scanhancer5LE MF

Scanhancer single 35mm2. Scanhancer 5LE additional SINGLE FRAME 35mm (same as in the Basic Set):

Scanhancer double 35mm3. Scanhancer 5LE additional DOUBLE FRAME 35mm (fitting frames #3 & #4):

Scanhancer slide 35mm4. Scanhancer 5LE additional single frame MOUNTED SLIDE 35mm (the mounted slide holder takes up to 4 of these):

Scanhancer5LE MF5. Scanhancer 5LE additional MEDIUM FORMAT (for glass holders only! Same as in the Basic Set):

6. (NOT SHOWN) Scanhancer 5LE additional ALL FRAME 35mm. This Scanhancer 5LE is 231mm long to cover all frames of the 35mm filmstrip holder at once. It requires irreversible modification of the holder; only for those who know what they're doing. To use this Scanhancer the 'blocks' next to frame #2 and #5 of the 35mm filmstrip holder have to be removed. A piece of light tight tape has to be sticked under the lids where the film slips under in order to avoid light leakage.

OTHER SIZES can be made upon request. Send an email to make inquieries.

This is a cleverly simple device that should be used when a Scanhancer 5LE is not strictly needed, but when there are still ICE artifacts that cause problems. In order to install the device you will have to open up your scanner. The Scanhancer IR can stay permanently inside your scanner and can be used in conjunction with a Scanhancer 5LE too. If needed it can easily be removed without leaving traces. The Scanhancer IR is not a list item, but can only be ordered by existing Scanhancer customers by email. It costs 10 euros, postage included. You will need the Scanhancer LEK Manual (728kb) in order to install it.