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On this page you will find different downloads that might be of your interest

Effective scanning with your Scanhancer 5LE - a manual:
scanhancer_manual.pdf (2.2Mb)

Vuescan ICC profile (unsupported) for use with Scanhancer 5LE:

Photoshop plugin (PC only) for removing micro-banding (one pixel wide coloured lines) from scans: (56kb).

Are you in need of a custom profile for high end use with Dimage Scan driver? Read this page and contact me.

Have you purchased a used Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro and it does not focus in 35mm or MF mode? Chances are 9 out of 10 that the scanning head was not fixed properly before shipping. Andreas Pisano wrote a manual on how to fix this problem. You can download it from this website as a service to all Multi Pro users. Thanks Andreas! (932kb)

Have you purchased a special Scanhancer for use with Nikon LS-5000ED or V (LS-50) and you wonder how to make it work with Nikon SA-21 adapter? Christopher Aisenbrey wrote some directions that help calibrate properly with this Scanhancer model and VueScan. Thank you, Christopher!
scanhancer_with_nikon_sa-21_adapter.pdf (188kb) (Also see this page on the subject.)

The downloads hereunder can also be found elsewhere on this website.

Upgrade your Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro with
Scanhancer IR and Lee 216 diffusion foil - a manual
: (728kb)

A sample of grain grittyness reduction with negative film at 100% viewing size: (544kb)

A sample of improved gradients and tonality with negative film at 100% viewing size: (85kb)

A sample of suppressed peppergrain with reversal film in conjunction with ICE at 100% viewing size: (179kb)